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Monday, April 23, 2007

Analog Book Reviewer Apparently Selling ARCs on eBay

Analog Science Fiction and Fact book reviewer and Thomas College professor Thomas A. Easton is apparently selling his Advance Reader Copies (books sent to him gratis for review) on eBay.

And if the current bidding price ($102.50) for his Sandworms of Dune ARC is any indication, turning a pretty profit at it.

The eBay user offering the ARC is "daprof23", whose "About me" user profile page contains the following:

Who Is Tom Easton?

Book reviewer, writer, professor!
Find out all about me at my home page.

About himself Easton writes on one of the pages on his website:

I'm partly a college professor, partly a science textbook author, partly a science fiction book reviewer, partly a science fiction writer, partly a poet, and entirely a pursuer of what is known in the science fiction world as "sense of wonder."

I guess shameless profiteer didn't fit in as well with the rest there.

An examination of recent sales by "daprof23" reveals a large number of ARCs and actual books with "publicity sheets" doubt review copies.

I don't see any indication that the proceeds from these sales are being donated to a worthy cause. (If it were me, I'd probably donate anything I didn't want to keep to the library at my workplace or local town or county public library.)

Kinda sad, really.


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