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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Today's a holiday in these parts (not that every day lately hasn't been like a holiday, what with it being spring break and all, but never mind!) and I have spent most of it messing around with the new version of Cheetah3D, a modelling app for the Mac. The above is a little something I created from one of the included examples, incorporating a landscape panorama created using Terragen. It could either be the little silver ball from Chapter House all grown up or...Erasmus's brain? I don't know.

Anyway, I was rather pleased with the way it turned out (Doesn't it almost look like a photograph of a real object?), so there you go. More later....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's cool Chig.

7:48 PM, March 27, 2007 
Blogger SandChigger said...

Why thank you.

It'll be the last image file I do for a day or so, unfortunately. Went to do something last night and Fireworks wouldn't start up. Tried reinstalling it and the GDed Adobe/Macromedia authorization system wouldn't let me. And in the process also disabled all my other Studio MX apps (Dreamweaver, Flash, FreeHand). I've got a newer academic version in the office that will probably install OK, but this shit really burns my sphincter hairs... Grrrrrrr!

(Rant over, back to normal!)

11:09 PM, March 27, 2007 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if you ever get the time, and are feeling a bit dark and morbid, you should make me a graphic of an axlotl tank :) I'm looking for something to replace my screename in the last cell of my signature at Dunenovels. Its a bit self-aggrandizing to have my name in the sig I suspect :)

11:52 AM, March 29, 2007 

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