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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Superman grows a pair!

The only question is, are they real (regrown in a Tleilaxu tank, perhaps? Know anything about that, Mastah B?) or borrowed?

(Now if he would only get a brain to go with them!)

Here for details.

I rather liked being called a "wet rag". Could do with one right about now, actually: been kinda hot and humid today. I would use the towel that The Almighty Zeus threw in a few months back, but it's all moldy and smells sompthin' fierce!

Nothing much has changed, I note. Same ole same ole.

Kinda reassuring sometimes, ain't it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read that! Unfortunately, I am here at work and the fascist government IT guys block all things "Social networking." so I will follow your link tonight and get the scoop!

Incidently, I can assure you that he did NOT get his "pair" from us here on Tleilax. We cut off all commercial times with him, ohhh, about a year ago or so :) I think the ban started when he asked us to do some "cellular restructuring" (ala Hwi)to make him into a female version of KJA :)

I think the fanboys must all be growing a collective pair, with the less-than-interesting return of Omar, and the Dune Fan (aka Tyrant) stepping things up, I find myself with no reasonable choice but to go back on the attack :) Tyrant will be getting an earful (or eyeful as it were) from me if he continues to take his jabs at me on the dunenovels forum. Call out the khadasar; its powindah butt-kicking time baby!

9:07 AM, April 16, 2007 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, just made a trip "over there" and that is quite an interesting exchange. So Kevin actually scolded him for that huh? Interesting. I guess the urge to engage you finally took over--i have noticed checking the site periodically that he wasn't really posting anything in reference to you--I figured he had learned his lesson :)

It would interesting to see if akhbar, I mean TAZ, I mean superman, I mean...oh whatever the hell he is calling himself now...would come back on under a different name (Tyrant=The Dune Fan) and see how long he could lurk around before getting caught over on the dunenovels forum. I predict we see him again......

5:17 PM, April 16, 2007 
Blogger SandChigger said...

I'd noticed you and TDF have been circling each other, showing the ole toothers, for a while now; seemed just a matter of time.

I guess it bothered Zeus that no one was responding to me over there and the pressure just got too much for him. (Btw, I've done the equivalent of PMing over there with the other guy—Oyabun Nicodemus—who responded before TAZ; he's actually kinda interesting and definitely in a different category...another Konman: I get the feeling we can agree to disagree without all the dramatics.) Kevin was talking the high road, for the most part, and ignoring me. That left the low road for ole Zeusserman.

As for Zeup being on the board, I noticed someone a while back (I can't remember if they've actually posted anything or not; definitely no attacks, like flash-in-the-pan-with-Jan Akbar) with another one of those self-aggrandizing was JuliusCeasar123@hotmail or something like that. Not too long afterwards Zeus debuted the avatar where his face morphs into a Roman statue. Possibly just coincidence...but then decide.

I'd love for Zeus/Akbar or Omar to show up here...knowharramean? :)

7:21 PM, April 16, 2007 
Blogger SandChigger said...

I got bored just now and started going through the members list looking at the email addresses.

The person I suspected might be Zeus before is "Carst01", who joined on October 12 and thus far has only made two posts...obviously both to threads that have since been pruned, so it's impossible to say now what in them made me think of Zeus. The hotmail address is pretty much as I remembered, Julius_Caesar01.

Ah...another tidbit: I googled the user name on the off chance he was reusing it and found a user on YouTube whose profile contains:

Age: 23
Country: Canada

Again, nothing conclusive...but I remember finding this before as well. The style of interaction is reminiscent, as show by this response to someone else's comment on a video:

don't comment on a music genre you don't like, extremely biased and extremely ignorant jack ass! decide.

9:52 PM, April 21, 2007 

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