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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Back to business...

I hope to get back to the business at hand and the dissection of Hunters of Dune with the next post in the series, sometime tomorrow (er...considering it's already 1:41 AM, make that later today).

Omphalos's comment in one of his recent reviews about not wasting time on books that don't really deserve it seemed a verbal expression of a visceral decision I must made some time back. The "spice from worms" thing has helped to recharge my batteries in a way, though, and strengthened my resolve to proceed. If somebody doesn't point these things out, it seems the fanboys and girls are incapable of noticing them on their own.

Sandworms of Dune is scheduled for release (according to Amazon) on August 7th. Including today, that leaves 114 days for me to finish with Hunters...probably requiring a rate of about a chapter a day?

Well, if Harriet Klausner can read and review 456+ books in that period of time, I should be able to handle slagging off one, right?


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