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Thursday, October 05, 2006

莊周夢蝶 (Zhuāng Zhōu Mèng Dié)

Last night I dreamt I was a balding human linguist with more than a bit of a middle-age spread, teaching Proto-Galach composition and grammar at a smallish national university about an hour north of the legendary Old Terran metropolis of Toh Kiyoh (supposedly the capital of the insular nation of Zhappon, where, by virtue of its excellent facilities and the cosmopolitan, non-religious outlook of the majority of its inhabitants, the Council of Ecumenical Translators chose to meet for their seven-year labors which resulted in the Orange Catholic Bible), but this morning I awoke to the aroma of ChiggerBint brewing spice coffee in the cookinook.

Now I don't know if I am a (usually happy but now slighly confused) desert parasite who has dreamt of being a hu-man, or a (slightly disturbed?) hu-man who is currently dreaming he is a desert parasite and wondering how the hell to coordinate those extra two legs when he tries to get up and walk over to ChiggerBint...who's starting to look good enough to eat!

Ah, what a world this is!



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