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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Inappropriate Material

A close friend of mine named Scarabina recently sent me the following highly irreverent list of titles that The Chronicles would have borne if she had written them:

Dung Mess
Children from Dung
God Emporium of Dung
Hairy Ticks with Dung
Crapperhouse: Dung

She hasn't read the House series yet—or else the Muse failed her?—because she continues:

The Buttholian Jihad
The Marchin' Crappade
The Battle of Cacca

And last but not least (that would be any of the Legends, I should think),

Hunters of Dung

She is, as you can see, a bit preoccupied with matters scatological.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:03 AM, September 06, 2006 
Blogger SandChigger said...

Sorry, Old Bean, but the famous Penny Arcade comic goes some place I don't want to...too far.

I guess I could be accused of the same, replacing "dune" with "dung" in all of the book titles. I'm not trying to make a comment about the content of the books, though...just playing with the one-letter E ~ G difference between two words and the whole chigger ~ tick ~ dung beetle bug thing.

Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. To me, nothing is sacred. But non-combatants (=persons not directly involved in a discussion/argument) are inviolate and sacrosanct.

(Except for TAZ, of course. It's open season on that nimrod any place and any time.)

3:26 AM, September 06, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh bummer, I wanted to read the comment that goes "too far". Your friend is definately interested in matters scatological. Pretty funny though--I'm a toilet humor kind of guy :)

The jab at TAZ did not go unnoticed :)

11:34 AM, September 06, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, your friend is very interested in matters scatological :) I wanted to read the post that went "too far." Your jab at TAZ did not go unnoticed :)

11:35 AM, September 06, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry for the double post there chig, my nazi network gave me the impression I was blocked, but entered the comment anyway. The jack-booted network security thugs here have blocked my access to most things interesting--which is why I can't get on the dune novels forum page at work anymore--but they haven't figured out to block your blog yet. you are my sole source of dune entertainment at present--and serve admirably in that department :) Feel free (of course, its your site) to delete one....

11:39 AM, September 06, 2006 

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