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Friday, August 18, 2006

Service you can't beat...even with a stick!

This morning I had to leave the ole Chigger Lair by 6:50 and hop over to Running Bare Park for another one of those neighborhood blockhead thangs. (Local version of Siaynoq this evening, and I was part of the workgang responsible for assembling the central stand for the taiko and caterwaulers...I mean, musicians.) We finished up and I got back to the Lair around 10:30. And guess what I found waiting for me!

Damn. Now that's what I call service! I may just have to change my view of the local branch of Amazon. I'm really glad I decided to take a changechance (again, after so long) with them and cancelled my order from the US!

A warm-hearted NYAH! to those of you still waiting!

(I just wish I didn't have such a busy schedule today and could devote more time to it! Oh well, all things in time!)

Edit note: As gohoubi for all our hard work the organizers gave each of us a can of beer and I, being the kind of person who, like a failed wannabe lawyer, has never been able to pass a bar in my life...or leave a free can of beer alone for long, popped it and had it down before I reached home and discovered it wasn't after noon like I thought [and as it would have been according to the original schedule...didn't take my watch] but only 10:30. By way of excuse for the blurry photo and misspelling!


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