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Monday, August 21, 2006

Marty and Daniel

I'm just a little over a fourth of the way through Hunters of Dune, but did a POSSIBLY BAD THING this morning when I finished my reading session and skimmed ahead quite a ways. All the way to the end, as a matter of fact. (Whether this was really a bad thing or not is something I have yet to decide. It might have been worse coming upon it after reading the whole thing.)

The true identities (oft discussed in certain quarters) of the old man and woman (Daniel and Marty) who appear in Chapterhouse: Dune came as a complete surprise. To me, at least. I gotta hand it to whoever came up with the idea, whether it was Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert and/or Kevin Anderson: this one came out of leftfield. And while it may not exactly be a mind-killer, it has certainly seriously wounded my interest in reading further.

At the very least, I think I will set it aside for a while and wait for everyone else to finish reading, to see what the general consensus is. I've plenty enough to amuse myself with working on the Celestia add-on, anyway.

Here's an interesting quote from Wikipedia, by the way:

Fanon is sometimes well known by creators and may even be accepted as true (or at least as reasonable an explanation as any) to something they have not explicitly explained. On the other hand, some creators of serial works introduce facts in subsequent installments of their work which invalidate specific fanon.

This article is also relevant, in a more general way.

Ciao for now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post makes me fear reading Hunters. I continue to have the naive belief that this book will be much better than the prequels, and it HAS to be better than the legends series. Although I should know better than this, I keep thinking the so-called "notes" will shine through. However, as the old saying goes, you can add all the fresh water you want to mud, you still get muddy water. Your reference to who Marty and Daniel really are only intensifies my anxiety. As does your mention of the the return of Erasmus on the Dune Novels forum. The score is hopefulness 0, concern 2.

6:37 AM, August 21, 2006 
Blogger SandChigger said...

Hello, B. Fear is the mind-killer. Resist. You'll want to be clear for the reading.

I think some parts are actually better (the parts with Sheeana, it seems), but it's spotty. I don't know if this is a correlate of collaboration, and/or perhaps insufficient editing, or what. Anyone who has been rereading the novels in preparation will probably find there to be too much recapitulation. Reminding the reader of events from past novels is one thing; reminding them of something told just a few sections previously is stiffling. One scene which was evidently meant to induce pathos ended up evoking the word with a 'b' instead. And something which should have been traumatic and debilitating to the person concerned happens and is only mentioned later in passing, as thought it were nothing at all.

To be honest, my reaction to the revelation about the elderly couple has been conditioned in part by the fan speculation that they represent Frank and Beverly Herbert. You can lay that one aside.

I'm feeling sad and stupid...I was actually hoping again myself.

By the way, you might want to be a mite careful; you never know who's reading this thing!

9:35 AM, August 21, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, in general I am keeping an open mind on the subject. While I have deliberately tried to avoid being an "others"; as I reread the new canon I find myself gradually slipping that way. I have high hopes for Hunters, but if it turns out to be signficant revisionist history-well, I can't rule out the possibility that I may be asking to be added to the charter, sent the membership card, and will join my new-found brethren to include yourself, crysknife and freakzilla. I genuinely hope that doesn't happen (that's no comment on the company of course!). I found some enjoyment in the prequels, but less so in the legends. But, what I have a particularly low tolerance for is endless bickering over them (well, any topic really).

But I do enjoy reading your blog!!

10:49 AM, August 21, 2006 
Blogger shilo said...

this just doesn't make any sense at all do you guys do anything besides read Science fiction?

Do you like cats?

5:50 PM, August 22, 2006 
Blogger SandChigger said...

I hate the whole "others"/psycho-fan-t dichotomy. (Hard to tell from the way I play, I'm sure.) It's such a waste.

My opinion is that the writing could be much better. And that more effort could have been made to explain apparent discrepancies in the texts themselves, instead of as seeming afterthoughts on a website FAQ or relying on die-hard supporters to do it elsewhere.

Opinion without justification ultimately isn't very interesting, to me at least. I don't intend to argue right or wrong (i.e., the correctness of my particular views), only to explain why I think the way I do. A few people on the board don't get that, though. Any criticism and you're automatically labelled a "hater". I frankly don't have the time or energy to hate anyone or anything. Except unreflective stupidity.

Anyway, try to maintain your neutrality if you can. I'm sure it will make life in certain locales much easier!

Hello again, Shiloh. Yes, I do quite a bit besides read sci-fi. And I do like cats, as a matter of fact.

I like any living body filled with warm, tappable fluids! Yummy!

(Sorry, but what can you expect from a desert-adapted parasitic insect?!)

6:45 PM, August 22, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think thats wise advice, and frankly thats how I feel. Neutral. In the end, I hope I don't end up leaning towards one side or the other. Hey, honestly, I have liked Hunters so far(with the very honest realization that yes its not frank) and its helped to subside my anxiety that I was about to read legends again. I'm comin' back 'round and things are happy again! Gholas anyone?

9:26 PM, August 22, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One more comment. I do understand your point. The writing could be better and we love frank's work and nobody, I mean nobody, could have done anything to fill that literary void. But seriously, did any venture into the duniverse have any chance of wholehearted support? I, personally, would have left the FAQ out, let the explanations go, and just taken the attitude "read it or don't". I do geniunely understand where you and crysknife and the likes are coming from. And frankly, find myself agreeing with you often. But I guess I just never set my expectations high enough to be concerned about it, and thus typically am not. I did have my moments though, where I have been frustrated enough with it that I felt like I should cross the line and vent, but somehow, except a little on your site, just haven't mustered the gumption to do it. Does that make sense? Ah, hell, back to my beer and book.........

9:35 PM, August 22, 2006 
Blogger Unknown said...

Ech I might one day try the Son's stuff but in my mind of minds. Dune will always be only Frank Herberts works.

Everything else published fanfiction (~_^). I know this makes me ignorant but I really adore Franks original works. I cant do it.

1:07 PM, November 23, 2010 
Blogger SandChigger said...

Hey, Norman.

Be sure to drop by the new blog on my website:

And don't forget where all the cool Dune kids hang out:

10:13 PM, November 23, 2010 

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