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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Whither next? Name that series!

OK, so we all know that the next book slated for publication in The Dune Chronicles is Sandworms of Dune, the second half of the "Dune 7 Trilogy-in-Two-Volumes", which is to appear in Summer 2007. This is supposed to conclude the chronological development of the series, with all following books to explore various story lines earlier in Duniverse history. A Paul of Dune trilogy, which will describe events between Dune: House Corrino and Dune and between Dune and Dune Messiah, etc., is already announced as "forthcoming" and scheduled for completion by 2010. Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson have said in interviews that as long as they can keep coming up with entertaining stories to tell, they'll keep writing more books.

In the comments, please list titles (and short descriptions, if you like) of anything you think they might come up with.

I'll start....


Blogger SandChigger said...

Duncan of Dune

A definitive "Duncanology" in the form of a decalogy containing the stories of the lives of ALL of Leto II's Duncan gholas.

I'm not the first to, think of...this, but I believe that mention of a book entitled A Thousand Lives in several of the epigraphs in Hunters makes this a very real possibility.

(Be VERY afraid!)

3:42 PM, October 29, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dune: The Mentat School, Dune: The Guild, and Dune: Bene Gesserit are almost sure to come. These will take place between Dune: The Battle of Corrin and Dune: House Atreides. I, unlike you, am looking forward to these though ;). However, that one that you propose does not sound interesting so I wouldn't like it if that was made.

5:36 PM, October 29, 2006 
Blogger SandChigger said...

You know, Kon, sometimes I worry that you are a bit TOO serious. : )

I'm also worried that you didn't catch the error in the post! (Now corrected, of course.)

Frankly, I think anything resembling even a single Duncan of Dune book (let alone a bleeding decalogy!) of the sort I suggested would be equivalent to a capital crime.

As for the trilogy you mention, there's already been talk of such...remember the guy who posted on the DN BBS that B&K had said something to that effect at a book signing he'd attended? (He mentioned something about a book on the OCB, though, IIRC.) Just hearsay, of course, but still....

6:03 PM, October 29, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My seriousness is immaterial to this conversation (if you can name what this is referencing then you get a cookie!).

I don't know why I took it so seriously, reading my post now I see how odd/overly serious it sounded. I did read and reply in haste which may have been the cause

1:16 AM, October 30, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Scytale Chronicles"--
A story that follows Scytale from his role as Face dancer sent to further the demise of Muadib, to his promotion as Master and the years and multiple gholas of himself that follow. Concluding with the story of how he was entrusted with the nullentropy tube and what the devious plan of the Masters was to do with that wonderful genetic material.......

1:52 PM, October 31, 2006 
Blogger SandChigger said...

No more spice beer for you, Kon. (You're such a Gatehead.)

Mastah B, do you know the I, Scytale fanfic? I downloaded it a while back but have never gotten around to reading it....

I wonder if it addresses any of those issues?!

6:48 PM, October 31, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Sandchigger gets the cookie! (did you actually know it or did you look it up?) That is one of my favorite lines and one of my favorite episodes. Sad to see it get cancelled, I was a big season 9 + 10 fan.

So that I don't make this comment thing even more off topic...

How about "Sandtrout of Dune" a prequel explaining, in great detail, the entire life cycle of a sandworm. Or "Spice of Dune" the tale of a young spice miner who....does stuff......INTERESTING STUFF!

10:53 PM, October 31, 2006 
Blogger SandChigger said...

I looked it up. I'm a fan of the show, too, but not a raver like you! : )

If there's anything in Frank's notes about who brought the sandtrout to Arrakis, then I'd be willing to slog through more of it for a few gems of information. (Note that Kevin's statement (in a comment) on his MySpace blog that we DON'T find out who they were—in Sandworms at least?—makes me wonder what the whole point of introducing the Muadru was...unless it's a precon(?) for some other trilogy-to-be-announced-as-forthcoming ... What, Muadru of Dune?)

The spice miner idea sounds like an interesting short story. I can't see it being made into a whole book (or gods forbid, another trilogy). Might make an interesting change reading something about the lives of "the little people", no?

11:34 PM, October 31, 2006 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey chig, I have in fact downloaded the Scytale fanfic and read a portion of it. My impressions were that it was a bit out there and probably had very little relevancy to the actual ideas of Scytale in the canon Duniverse. But I speak prematurely, I haven't finished it all yet. The writing is a bit difficult for me to slog through, it has (IMO) the feeling of someone who used a thesaurus quite routinely to find more complex and obscure words to raise the overall intellectual quality of the writing. A kind of "how can I make this sound smarter" feel to it.....

I will probably finish it soo to see how it all pans out. Have you read the Dune 7 Advent fanfic and what did you think of it? If you don't have and are interested you can find it at:

12:03 PM, November 01, 2006 

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