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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Amazing Shrinking Planet

I got a larger, clearer scan of the map in Dune and plugged the coordinates from it for Arrakeen and Carthag into the new texture point plotting app I'm working on and now have much more accurate latitudes and longitudes for the two cities:

Arrakeen: 62 ° 17 ' 27 " N, 27 ° 47 ' 52 " W
Carthag: 65 ° 31 ' 55 " N, 15 ° 6 ' 17 " W

The downside is that when I plug these new values into my great-circle distance app, the radius for the planet has to be reduced even more to get the distance between the cities to come out to exactly 200 km.

New radius: 1779.9274 km.

For comparison:

Earth: 6378.140 km
Mars: 3396 km
Arrakis: 1779.9274 km
Luna: 1737.53 km

That's not going to work at all. Verdict: Carthago movenda est!


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