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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Should the moons look down...

on all the myriad forms of existence,
they would see each and every one
as sadness.
They say that spring has come...
but not for me.

I had to drop by the Central Post Office on the way home and took a different, unfamiliar exit from the highway, thinking it would get me downtown sooner. And ended up nearly getting lost in the BFE hinterland. The moon was nearly (or is it just past?) full tonight and was reflected in the newly flooded paddies (rice, but not pundi) on both sides of the narrow road I was on, first right, then left, and I was reminded of my favorite moon poem from the Kokinshû. That poem is unfortunately an autumn one, but I think it could be made to work as I have (rather freely) translated it above (with a bit of a Dune touch). My Classical is rusty...did to te require a special form—kakari-musubi perhaps?—or would the shushi suffice? I'll ask the Russian or the Princetonian later, but for now it's enough just to sit here on the tatami and open the curtains occasionally to look out at the moon....


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